Hermit Crab care tips, and updates on our own little hermits!

It is with sad news, Ashy has passed away. We have buried him along with a package of seeds; they will sprout sometime soon hopefully. Along with the seeds, we have planted a perennial flower.

This is not intended to be a sad or morbid post; it is a moving…

Hermit crabs love to have a decorated, vibrant environment. Keeping the scenery fun will keep the crabs happy, and will encourage them to play and explore within their space. There are some key tips to read into in the coming sections, this information is vital.


I own five hermit crabs and have been caring for them for the past three years. Their names are Nino, Mystery, Donut, Munchkin, and Ashy. Nino is the oldest while Donut is the biggest, and I have watched them grow throughout the years. I’m completely obsessed with caring/observing them; I…

Aidan Murphy MCO 250 Hermit Crab Care

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