Hermit Crabs and Mental Health in the Pandemic

Even though I have had these crabs for almost two years at this point, they played a huge role of keeping myself sane throughout these crazy times. It sounds silly since they’re not your typical cat or dog, but they’re a great pet nonetheless. It seems that when I struggled with my mental health, they were the kind of shining light that kept me motivated; I had to take care of them and keep them happy, in return made me return to my normal self:

NEVER-ENDING PHOTOS: One of my pandemic past times has been taking pictures of them and just overserving their every move. I have an unhealthy amount of pictures of them in my camera roll, but I personally can’t get enough of them.

The Crabs Walking the Bridge, Photo Courtesy: Taisha Gomez

AN ENTETAINING PASTTIME: Honestly, with all the free time I had especially March, 2020, these crabs a riot. They were always up and playing in the tank around the time I would be out of things to do (midnight or later). One of the only drawbacks was that they make tapping sounds on the glass that interrupted my sleep.

WEEKLY UPDATE: There are no new pictures this week sadly, but they are still as happy as ever. They had a little party the other night which is rare for all of them to be out at the same time, and they’ll be even happier once I install a second heater!

Hermit Crab care tips, and updates on our own little hermits!